Thanx Patricia <3

Salam & hye peeps… how do u do? What are the latest project? Let me guess!! U guys been busy with Christmas eve preparation right? hehe… how i wish i could attend the celebration *wink

Today, i received a Christmas giveaway from our lovely Patricia . A million miles away this gift had been travel to meet me…and i’m lovin’ it. Thanx a lot Patricia, may this up coming Christmas eve brings u a thousand happiness with friends & family. (^_^)v

Its mine =p

Think the project to work on with this lovely yarns…hehe <3<3<3

finally i made it!!

Salam and hye peeps.. i give 2nd trial and finally i made it!! haha.. by using derya yarns from ice yarns and 3.0mm knitting needles, i made i 1st success sock <3<3<3imagefromurlkl x2_100dd690 x2_100ddb9a x2_100ddf5ajust receive an order, however i have to declined since i think i need to improve a lot.. what do u guys thinks? hehe

the making of sock… terrible!

Salam and hye peeps.. heard about the bad news, condolences to all in Connecticut … 😥

Back to my title, i just try to make my own sock. It was so horrible coz a lot of hole, im not doing yarn over,however there r still a hole. and while try to make another one, im running out of yarns. after searching a ball of new yarns, i just remember my mom already take it away with her and she will be back afta couple of days.. what a super duper great when im in such a super duper excited … lalalalala

half way...

half way…

pssst:…mom…please come back and bring back the yarns..

Crochet Lovers Contest by Da’Knit

Salam and good morning peeps..its 0922am at Malaysia now with gloomy weather!  How was it at ur place? No matter what condition at ur country now, we still breath the same air… agreed? hehehe =p Well dear, last month my mom join a crochet contest organize by Da’Knit, my mom favorite yarn online shopping.

There go the result where my mom got the 2nd place (maybe the model didn’t brings any  Crochet Lovers Contest by Da’Knit .

me wearing crocher wear contest, pattern courtesy from Bernat.

Now, we just need to post this crochet wear to Ery and wait for our prize… 4 balls of nyummy yarns….

pssst:..i was hoping for 1st prize, the RM 200.00 ( HAMANAKA RAKU RAKU JAPAN Crochet Hook) . its not like we couldn’t afford it, but i do love freebies..hahaha

Sunshine Award!

Such a lovely month..i heart December for giving me such an awesome moment everyday. (^_^)v

Schmoozelfleugen had nominated me for Sunshine award. What is Sunshine award?  The Sunshine Blog award is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers. It is given to “bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

Do visit her blog, she have an awesome story and u’ll love it ❤ =)



There’ll be a rules in order to accept this award, which is :

1) Include the award Logo(s) in a post or in your blog.
 2) Answer 10 questions about your self. 
 3) Nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous bloggers. 
 4) Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know they are nominated. 
 5) Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

 10 things about me: 1. hehe..who am i? Im funny and love to laugh out loud.. That is me, i can’t control my level of laugh, even im in nice dress… hahaha :p
2. I love karaoke
3. I don’t like sushi and i can’t even smell it. however my berry love it and i dun noe how to deal with it.. toing..toin..toing
4. Nobody knows that i would really like to go to Holland and pluck the Tulips  there.. oops, Now everybody knows.. so who would like to bring me there? hehe
5. I once was a Uni debaters.. haha
6. i talk a lot when im in fun mood
7. DIET was never ever in my dictionary 😀
8. I enjoy baking whenever i have a chance.
9. Im a bad temper person…hoho, can’t believe it? 😛
10. Can i say i love shooping ?? hehe..
there are 10 things a bout me that i guess not even my family members and friends knows.. hohohoho

Alright, now the time to choose 10 fabulous bloggers. and the awards goes to……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

1. knitxpressions
2. littlepoppits
3. marryanne
4. remily knits
5. sweatyknitter
6. joybrewed
7. chrochetmissy
8. weekend knitter
9. uniqueCrochet
10. crayonsandmilk

Hope u guys enjoy it ❤

I won!!! for the 1st time i won a giveaway.. which mean my x-mas wish has fulfill…yipieee ❤ hahaha.. thanx to Patricia, who kindness organise such a fun and lovely give away for Christmas… I wish she will have a great, great, great Christmas eve ❤

DaniellaJoe's Blog

Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway.  I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me. was asking for email addresses and I did not have that information.  So I just did it the old-fashioned way, I put  the names of the participants that said hi in the comment section and drew a name and I am happy to say that Prize #1 is for Hannah.

Then I had to add up all the information to pick winners for the next 2 prizes: Jane: picked #2 and her bd is 30,   Jill: #3 bd 20,  DD #9 bd 3, Ig: #7 bd 30. I want to repeat the equation ( I know it’s complicated but fun lol). We first add all the bd: 83 and then divide by the 4 contestants, that gave me 20.75 which had to be rounded out to 21 then we…

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My Gorgeous Holden Shawlette

Salam & happy weekend lovely peeps. Im so excited to share my gorgeous holden shawlette, pattern from Ravelry. Since this is my 1st experience with shawl, thanx to youtube for being such a good teacher..hehe =p

My mom always nagging at me because I always play with her yarns and stop every project half way. Then she warning me do not touch her luxurious yarns. psssst…she have a lot of luxurious and super duper nyummy yarns that she keep for display. Can u imagine how drooling am i everyday??? hahaha… I swear im drooling to death!! then come one day where she went out of town for a few days. Then i started my mission, i kidnapped 1 ball of her heart. Tadaaaaaa….. Alize Diva Missisipi yarn from turkey ❤ 100% microfiber acrylic, so soft,lovely color and gorgeous!!

Alize Diva Missisipi -Silk Effect-

Alize Diva Missisipi -Silk Effect-

Do check it out their website for more varient color and types.

After sure with the project, i started my knitting with guilty. why ? Because im scared i couldn’t make it and my mom will nag again & again..hahaha. below is my holden shawlette, start with stockiness pattern.


After a few days, tadaaaaaa…. My gorgeous holden shawlette. Im not sure the wether it will be like this (curving at the end left n right) or i make a mistake. Whatever, as long it finish, i was so relief..

252332_4556969594672_1626434360_n…. ❤ i show it to my mom, and she was speechless. Then i tease her wether i can use all her lovely yarn or not , she just smile and said “Take it and make sure u finish all ur project”. yes!!yes!!.. tq mom..i Love u so much…. :*

imagefromurl5 imagefromurljnow, im addicted to make another shawl. but im not done packing my stuff..aiyayayaya… so peeps, i will blogwalking visit u guys… see yaaa… xoxo

such an honour when Lovely Patricia announce me as her top 10 blog reader n bright shiny chances for me to win her giveaway since she reserved the #2 & #3 for her top 10. ❤ the #1 prize is open for u all, so what are u waiting for? come on join her giveaway n who knows u might be the lucky one 😉 …xoxo

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Today,  December 1st,  is finally here!!!. 

I have decided we could squeeze one more gift in for a total of 3 gifts.

Each prize is hopefully “what you always wanted”,  🙂 it may not be that way,  but it is my way of saying Thank You for visiting with me. I have reserved Prize #2 and #3 for my top 10 to give them a better chance to win. Prize #1: is open to every single person who visits between december 1st and december 7th and leave a comment. The Winner will be announced on december 8th. I am going to let Random.Org choose the winner. Prize #2 and #3 is open for the top 10 bloggers who have given me tips and feedbacks all these months, Thank You!!!. I hope they take part and the prize will be awarded like this: we will ask each person to…

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Hye lovely December…

Salam & hye peeps, i guess i wasn’t late to say “Hye lovely December!!” .I’m pretty sure most of u all ( i mean all of u..hehe) love December, the snowy season waiting for ur lovely x-mas celebration =)

“pssst….. can i request a gift from ur santa? i’ll hang my sock n put in my wish”.. hehe, too much of x-mas cartoon & animation i had watch n yaaa i wish 1.. lolz

So, my lovely reader..on my last post i share my current project “Meredith Baby Dress”, since this is my 1st time making a lace dress, i found it challenging b’coz it need a lot of focus or u might lost ur pattern. since i’ve been busy packing my stuff because we’ll move to a new house, (so tired!! i wish the fairy godmother come and  swing her magic cane & my stuff magically well arrange at new house..haha) i just have my time to finish it. Im clueless at armhole so made it in my on version n a look like a bit akward. since i use a left over yarns, im running out of it n my moms ask me to use a white yarns. Tadaaaaaa….

Meredith baby dress in my version...hehe =p

Meredith baby dress in my version…hehe =p

Totally out from the original pattern..the lace can’t be seen since i use the different yarn from the 1st one…Nevermind, i stil can try it next time 🙂 So my lovely reader, what do u think? ting..tong…haha… xoxo

W.I.P : Meredith Baby Dress

Salam and hye peeps..miss me? i miss u all more..hehe =p so, hows ur day going? pretty well right? what are the current projects that u guys have been working on? In progress, at the moment im working on Meredith baby dress pattern i follow from Letsknit .It was so adorable and i guve a try!! Since im not a skills knitter, its quite hard for me to focus the patterns abbreviations. Trust me, I only succeed made it at my 3rd attempt…..just the neck..hahaha

I had difficulties to doing the work shape and armholes, and i end up made i free styling (made it in my own way).. can’t wait to finish it up and will let u guys see my Meredith baby dress… xoxo

starting my project..kind of challenging since im rarely make lace patterns, this is my 3 attempt..hahaha

Front view : i love the lace pattern at the neck..

back view